Single and double decreases

4 Purl stitch with unworked stitch passed

For decrease, purl stitch as usual, then slide new stitch back onto left needle.

With tip of right needle, lift second (unworked) stitch on leli needle up and over first (worked) stitch and let it drop off needle. Slide first stitch back to right needle.

5 Double slip stitch passed over yarn over

Slip 2 stitches onto right needle without knitting them, then make yarn over.

Lift 2 slipped stitches up and over yarn over.

Drop Stitch

On Purl Row

Work as for knit row, but purl stitches.

On Knit Row

Knit first 2 stitches. With tip of left needle, lift first stitch worked over second and drop it (first decrease made), knit next stitch, and repeat process until all desired decreases are made. If you are binding off all stitches, work to end of row; cut off yarn and draw yarn end through last stitch to tighten.

On Purl Row

Work as for knit row, but purl stitches.

With Unfinished Stitches

To avoid unattractive jogs when stitches are bound off in successive steps, work across row to where stitches are to be bound off. 'Turn work without binding off. Keeping the unworked stitches on needle, slip first stitch on left needle (shown as twisted stitch on diagram), work to end of row. Turn and work back to where next set of stitches was to be bound off; repeat from 1 until all stitches to be bound off are excluded.

Bind off all the stitches left on left needle. Or you can knit across them all and place them on a holder to weave them to the adjoining edge (as for a shoulder).

Binding Off (External Decreases of Multiple Stitches)

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