Symmetrical increases

These increases are generally used to add a certain number of stitches on the inside of the work. These have various decorative effects and are normally made every other row on the front of your work.

Right Loop Knit

■ double invisible increase

With tip of right needle, lift connecting stand of yarn just before center stitch and place resulting loop onto left needle; knit this new stitch in twisted manner (through back loop).

Knit center stitch; repeat with connecting yarn just alter center stitch.

■ repeated double increase

Knit stitch before center one and then make left increase in same stitch as follows: Insert left needle into stitch to pull up strand under this stitch, knit the loop as stitch.

Knit center stitch, then make right increase as follows: Insert right needle into next stitch to pull up strand under this stitch and knit it. Knit stitch on needle.

■ double open-work increase

Knit to center stitch, make a yarn over (see page 12).

Knit center stitch, make another yarn over. On next row, work yarn-over loops as stitches.

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