How To Knit A V Neck Collar With Buttons For Baby Sweater

Like other neck openings, this one can be finished by knitting up or by sewing the edges. Both need to be done with great care so they lie flat without stretching.

Decrease Neck

IOn first row of V-neck shaping, place center stitch on a safety pin to hold until needed. Work each side of neck separately with a separate ball of yarn. Decrease l stitch on each side every 2 or 4 rows, just before or after the edge stitches at each neck edge. When all decreases are completed, work even (keeping same number of stitches) until you finish shoulders. Pick up stitches along each neck edge (see page 51) and place them on needles so needles meet tip to tip. (A double-pointed (dp) needle may facilitate this.)

How Pick Stitch From Neck

2 Work border in kl, pi ribbing as follows: On right side rows, knit together the 2 stitches that precede the center stitch. Transfer center stitch from holder to a dp needle.

3 Knit center stitch; on next needle, knit together 2 stitches following center stitch; work in ribbing as established to end. On wrong side rows, work as established, purling together 2 stitches (decrease made) before center stitch. Purl center stitch, then next stitch. Slip this last stitch back to left needle, slip next stitch on left needle over it (another decrease); slip decrease stitch back to right needle and continue ribbing as established.

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