■ wristband with full sleeve ■ wristband with a cord

Cast on desired number (uneven number) of stitches to work in a kl, pi ribbing; work to desired length.

To work sleeve, knit evenly-spaced increases on first row as follows: " knit 3 stitches, insert tip of right needle under strand of yarn connecting last worked stitch to the next one and transfer it to left needle. Knit this loop as a stitch in the twisted manner. " Repeat from ' to across row. On next row, purl all stitches. For a less full sleeve, work more stitches between increases.

Good for baby clothes, this is worked by casting on the number of stitches for the desired width of the sleeve; no additional increases will be needed.

Stitches GooKnitting Ending Stitches

IKnit 3 rows (garter stitch), then continue for about inch (I '<2 cm) in stockinette stitch, ending with purl row. Next row: Work eyelets as follows: Knit first stitch, '

work yarn over (vo), knit 2 stitches together '; repeat from * across row, ending with knit stitch. Purl next row, working yo loops as stitches.

Straight Knit Stitch

When garment is completed, weave a yarn cord or ribbon through eyelets at wrists for tie.

How To Make a Twisted Cord

Cut 3 or 4 strands of yarn, each cut to a length three times as long as you want the finished cord to be.

Holding strands together, fold them in half and tie 2 ends together to form a long loop; hook knotted end over door knob or hook.

Stretch this loop to its limit and, at looped end, insert a pencil; twist yarns, making them rotate in same direction.

When strands are well twisted, fold them in the middle (with both ends together); the yarns will rotate automatically to form the cord. Bind ends with a small knot.

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