Wristbands are the typical edge for the long sleeves of a sweater. They can be made as you knit the sleeve or by picking up the stitches after the sleeve is done. Double knitting them makes them sturdy.

  • wristband made by picking up stitches
  • wristband in kl, p1 ribbing

I Cast on sleeve stitches with contrasting color yarn. When sleeve is completed, use yarn needle to undo stitches of beginning row, passing them onto knitting needle as you undo them.

2 Making a few evenly-spaced decreases, if desired, on first row, work wristband in ribbing or double knitting. When wristband is the desired length, bind off stitches as usual in pattern, or for tubular knits, use yarn needle as if to purl on both layers to close edge.

Cast on an uneven number of stitches and work in kl, pi ribbing for length desired (generally 2-4 inches/5-10 cm; fuller sleeve needs longer length). When ribbing work is completed, continue working sleeve. To seam wristband edges, sew as if to purl, picking up a stitch for each side.

■ wristband in k2, p2 ribbing

Cast on a number of stitches in multiples of 4 + 2.

Work in k2, p2 ribbing, beginning and ending each right side row with 2 knit stitches, for desired length, then continue on sleeve.

To finish, sew wristband edges, using yarn needle as if to purl, picking up a stitch from each side for an invisible seam.

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