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Knitting creates fabric of interlocking loops. Knitting and its best buddy purling, which you'll also learn about in this chapter, are two complementary ways to create and join these loops. You knit or purl in rows, using die stitches you cast on the needle.

Here's where things get interesting: Knitting and purling are actually the same stitch. The only difference lies in whether you pull a loop toward you or move it away from you. When you look at a knit stitch on the reverse side of die fabric, it looks exacdy like a purl stitch; when you look at a purl stitch on the reverse side of the fabric, it looks exacdy like a knit stitch.

If you purl every row, you'll ultimately end up with a fabric that looks exactly die same as if you knit every row. This concept might sound confusing, but as you begin watching what your hands are doing, you'll understand how knitting and purling interact to create interesting patterns and effects.

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