Fancy Pattern

Cast on 1 stitch.

flow 1: O, Kl. flow 2: O, K2. flow 3: (O, Kl)3x. flow 4: O, Kl, P3, K2. flow 5: O, K2, O, K3, O, K2. flow 6: O, K2, P5, K3. Row 7: O, K3, O, KS, O, K3. flow 8: O, K3, P7, K4. flow 9: O, K4, O, K7, O, K4. How lth O, K4, P9, K5.

Left: four plain units assembled into a square. Right: four fancy units assembled into a square.

How 12: O, K5, Pll, K6. How 13: O. K6, O, Kll, O, K6.

Hon 14: O, K6, P13, K7. Hon 15: O. K7, O, K13, O, K7.

Hom 16: O, K7, P15, K8. Ron- 17: O, K31. How 18: O, K8, P15, K9. How 19 ami all oihl-numhert'd rows thnnigh How 2ik 0, K remaining stitches.

Höh 2tk O, K9, P15, K10. How 22: 0, K10, P1S, Kll. How 24: O. Kll, P15, K12. Roh 26: O, K12, P15, K13 . How 2» O, K13, PIS, K14. Row 31k O, K14, P15, K15. Row 31: O. K1S, RLD, K28. How 32: O, K15, P2tog, P12, K16.

How 33: O, K16, RLD, K27. Row 34: O, K16, P2tog, P10. K17.

ROH 35: O, K17, RLD, K26. Höh1 36: O, K17, P2tog. P8, K18.

HÖH 37: O, K18, RLD, K25 Hon 38: O, K18, P2tog, P6, K19.

How 3!k O, K19. RLD, K24 Höh 40: O, K19. P2tog, P4, K20.

Roh 41: O, K20. RLD. K23 Roh 42: O, K20, P2tog P2, K21.

How 43: O, K21, RLD, K22. How 44: O. K21, (O, LRDI2X, K20. ROH- 45: O, K46. Hon- 46: O, K21, IO, LRDI3X, K20.

Row 47 ami till odd-numhered rims through

Row 67: O, K remaining stitches.

Ron 4K- O, K21, (O, LRDI4X, K20. Hon 5tk O, K21, tO, LRD)5x, K20. Hfjii 52 anil all eiCT-numbered rows through How 6tk (), K21. (O, LRD) 1 time more than on the previous even-numbered row, K20. On Row 60, IO, LRD) will be worked lOx. How 62: O, Kl, (O, LRDI31X.


Roh SR O, Kl, IO, LRDI33X. Row 68: O, P69. Ron 6ft O, K70. Ron- 70S O, K71. How 71: O, P72. How 72: O, K73. Hon- 73: O, P74. Ho» 74: O, K7S. Hon 75: O. K76. How 76: O, P77. Row 77: O, K78. Ron 78: O, Kl, (O, LRDI39X.

Hon 81: RLD, K76. How 82: P2tog P75. Row H3: RLD, K74. Hon 84: RLD, K73. How 85: P2tog, P72. Hon 86: RLD, K71. Ron 87: RLD, IO, LRD)35x. Hon SM: RI.D. K69. Hon- 8!k P2tog. P68. How IMk RLD, K67. How 111: RLD. K66. Ron 112: P2tog, P65 Ron 93: RLD, K64.


Hon 9ft RLD, K58. Roh■ llKk P2tog. IT,7 Hon 101: RLD, KS6 How 102: RLD. KS5. Hon 103: P2tog, P54. Hon IO*• RLD, K53. How 105: RLD, IO, LRDI26X.

Hon 106: RLD, KS1. Ron- 107: P2tog, P50. Hon 108: RLD, K49. Ron 109: RLD. K48. Ron- 1 Ilk P2tog, P47. Hon 111: RLD, K46. Hon 112: RLD, 10, LRDI22X, Kl. Hon 113: RLD, K44. Hon 114: RLD, IO, I.RDI21X, Kl. Hon 115: RLD, K42. Hon 116: P2tog, P41 Hon 117: RLD. K40. Hon' 118: RLD, K39. Hpn lift P2tog P38. Row 12tk RLD, K37. Ron 121: RLD. K36. Row 122: P2tog, P35. Hon 123: RLD, K34. Ron 124: RLD, IO, LRDI16X, Kl. Row 125: RLD. K32. Ron 126: RLD, IO, LRDI15X, Kl. Hon 127: RLD. K30. Hon 12S: RLD. IO, LRDI14X, Kl.

Ron 12ft RLD, K28. Row 13tk P2tog, P27. Ron 131: RLD, K26. Row 132: RLD, K25. Ron- 133: P2tog. P24. Ron 134: RLD, K23. Ron 135: RLD. K22. Hon 138k P2tog, P21. Row 137: RLD, K20. Row 138: RLD, IO, LRD)9x, Kl.

Row 139 and all othl-numlM'ri'tl ronw through Row 153: RLD, K remaining stitches. Hon 141k RLD. IO. LRDI8X, Kl.

Hon 144 anil all rivn-numltrred rows through Him• 152: RLD, IO, LRD) 1 time less than on the previous even-numbered row, Kl.

Hon 154: RLD, O. LRD, Kl. How 155: RLD, K2. How 156: D3, fasten off.

Biissett Bonier

Special Instructions:

Because this border has mitered corners, it must fit the counterpane exactly. To make the border easier to work with and fit more accurately, it is divided into four right-angle segments, which are seamed at the corners and in the middle of the straight sections. A left and a right miter, each followed by a length of the straight section, make up the four right-angle segments. For information on joining the segments, see p. 14.

LEfT MITER Cast on 2 stitches.

Row 5: O, P4. Row & K5. Row 7: O, P5. Row 8: P6.

Row 69: O, K36.

  • oiv 70: K37.
  • oh- 71: O, P37.

A mitered and seamed corner of the border (shown half-size), knit with Antique Bedspread Cotton on size 0 needles (seam in middle of straight sections not shown in photo). The crocheted edging was worked with a B/l (2mm) crochet hook.

gvirri irm>

Row 83: O, K43. Row 84: P44. Row 85: O, K44. Row 86: K45. Row 87: O, P45. Row 88: K46. Row 89: O, P46. Row iMh K47. How 91: O, P47. Row 92: K48.

Do not cast off.

These 92 rows finish the left miter. Complete this segment with a length of the the straight section.


Cast on 2 stitches.

Row 1: PI, Bl. Row 2: K3. Row 3: P2, Bl. Row 4: K4. Row 5: P3, Bl. Row & KS. Row 7: P4, Bl. Row & P6. Row 9: K5, Bl. Row 10: P7. Row 11: K6, Bl. Row 12: P8. Row 13: K7, Bl. Row 14: P9. Row 15: P8, Bl. Row 16: K10. Row 17: P9, Bl. Row 18: Kll. Row 19: P10, Bl. Row 20: K12. Row 21: Pll, Bl. Row 22: P13.

Row 23: Row 24: Row 25: Row 26: Row 27: Row 28: Row 29: Row 30: Row 31: Row 32: Row 33: Row 34: How 35: Row 36: Row 37: Row 38: Row 39: How 4th How 41: Row 42: Row 43: How 44: How 45: Row 46: Row 47: Row 48: How 49: How 50: How 51: How 52: Kl.

Row 55: Row 56: How 57: Row 58: How 59: Row 6th Row 61: Row 62: Row 63: Row 64: Row 65: How 66: How 67: How 68: How 69:













K29, Bl. K31. P30, Bl. K32. P31, Bl. K33. P32, Bl. K34. K33, Bl. P35. K34, Bl. P36.

Row 70: Row 71: Row 72: Row 73: Row 74: How 75: How 76: Row 77: Row 78: Row 79: How 8th Kl.

Row 83:

K37. P36, Bl. K38. P37, Bl. K39. P38, Bl. K40. K39, Bl. P41. K40, Bl.

How 84: K44. How 85: K43, Bl. How 86: K45. Row 87: P44, Bl. Row 88: K46. Row 89: P45, Bl. Row 90: K47. How 91: P46, Bl. How 92: K48.

Do not cast off.

These 92 rows finish the right miter of the border. Complete this segment with a length of the straight section.

Bassett Bonier, Straight Section

Special Instructions:

Work this pattern for the straight section of the border following the left and right miters. Knit the section to half the length of the counterpane side in question. The section will eventually be seamed to the corresponding leg on the adjacent right-angle segment.

There are 48 stitches on the needle.

Row 2z P48.

Rows 6-10: Repeat rows

Rows 12 and 13: Knit.

Row 2th Purl.

Rows 22-26: Repeat rows

Repeat rows 1-28 for desired length; cast off.

Crocheted Edging

Work 1 single crochet in each of first 2 stitches at beginning edge. *In next stitch, work 4 double crochet stitches, then work 1 single crochet in each of the next 3 stitches.* Repeat from * along entire edge.

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