IP Pl Kx P Kj Pi

The cable crosses are worked as folk*»*;

C7F Slip 4 Miches onto a cable needle and hoht in front of nork. knit the next 3 stitches: knit the 4 stitches from the cable needle

(7H Slip 3 Stitchea ontu a cable iwnl/r and htt/d in back of ntiri. K/iil the nejkt 4 stitches; knit the .1 stitchea fron 1 the cable nredle

Cms% the cable imi the tiartJor 7 at in he* of API evmry 17th row, Th* Gent tint0 the cahk* cms***. luir C7V. The second time the c*hl+ c names. iuf C7H. ( ontinoe to alternate the direction of ihe cross each time lift%v 17 is uorkrd

Sole that one half of the cable stays on top of the other half The prat shell pattern is nocked on the stitches tiftmH the attrriskM. The pair of asterisks at the end of each ron identifies Ihe stitches of the aecond shell panern

CmM mi ACS slilriMH

tUmt It 4K2. U. Kl, IP2. R1 IOv (). K2* API • • Htm 2i #K3. PI, \KL PI! 10*.

turn 3i 'Ka, a kip IM, K1 UK <) K «' \PI • • Him 4s 'K4, PI, IK2. PI 1 Qk,

IIom .V *K4, O, Kip (P2, UMlOV K• AIM. M Item & *K5. PI. IKi PI 10*. K5*, AP2. M. IIoh 7r O. Kip IP2. kl 10vO. KS#. API ' # #km Ar#K6. PI. IK2. PDMBb

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