Leaves and Lines

I have found counterpanes In this pattern at the DA.R. Museum in Washington, D.C., and, in an enlarged version, at the Gewebenmuseum in Basel, Switzerland. Neither museum, however, had any information on the pieces. I have also seen, in the October, 1981, issue of Architectural Digest, a variation on this pattern in a bedspread at The Menagerie, a grand 1754 home in Northhampton, England. I have come across directions for the enlarged version of this pattern in both French and German nineteenth-century needlework publications, and I have incorporated some corrections and changes in the instructions to present them here.

Worked on two needles, this pattern is good for the advanced beginner. It incorporates the raised-leaf motif shaped with paired decreases, with bands offaggoting and reverse stockinette stitch. The pattern can be assembled to produce diagonal lines of the raised motif, as it was in the original l). \.lt. example Isee the diagram on the facing pageI, or the units could be joined, as they usually are, to produce a central square of raised leaves. I leave the choice of borders tpp.144-171) up to the knitter.

Special Instructions:

Ml Pick up running thread from front to back and knit into front, being careful not to close loop.

Cast on 3 stitches. How 1: K3.

How 13: Row 14: K3. LRD, Row 15: Row 1& Kl, LRD, Row 17: Row 18: K8. Ml, Row■ 19: Row Ztt O', K9, How 21: How 22: O', K9, " How 23: How 24: O', K9, "

K7, P7, K7. Kl, Ml, K6, RLD, I, KG, Ml, Kl. K8, P5, K8. Kl, Ml, K7, RLD, I, K7, Ml, Kl. K9, P3, K9. Kl, Ml, K8, D3, Kl. K21.

Kl, Ml, K4, 'O, Kl, -•, K4, Ml, Kl. K6, P3, K9, P3, K6, Kl, Ml, KS, 'O, K3, -', KS, Ml, Kl. K7, P5, K9, PS, K7. Kl, Ml, K6, •(), KS, '-', K6, Ml, Kl.

How 25: K8, P7, K9, P7, K8. How 26: Kl, Ml, K7, "O, K7, O', K9, '-', K7, Ml, Kl. How 27: (K9, P9I2X, K9. Row 28: Kl, Ml. K8, 'RLD. KS, LRD-, K9, K8, Ml, Kl. How 29: K10, P7, K9, P7, K10.

Row 30: Kl, Ml, (K9, RLD, K3, LRDI2X, K9, Ml, Kl. Row 31: Kll, PS, K9, PS. Kll.

Row 32: Kl, Ml. K10, 'RLD, Kl, LRD', K9, '-', K10, Ml, Kl Row 33: K12, P3, K9, P3, K12.

Row 34: Kl, Ml, Kll, D3, K9, D3, Kll, Ml, Kl. Hon 35: K37. How 3B Kl, Ml, K7, I'O, Kl, O', K9I2X, ■-', K7, Ml, Kl. Row 37: IK9, P3I3X, K9 How 38: Kl, Ml, K8, CO, K3, O', K9I2X, '-', K8, Ml, Kl.

CRLD, KS, LRD', Kll, Ml, Kl. Row 45: K13, (P7, K13.

Row 4ti Kl, Ml, CRLD, K3, LRD', K12, Ml, Kl. Row 47: K14, (PS, K14.



Knitted Leaves Bedspread

Leaves and Lines was worked with Antique Bedspread Cotton on size 0 needles.

Assembly of Leaves and

Alternate Assembly Method

Ron- 48: Kl, Ml, K13, CRLD, Kl, LRD', K9)2x, *-*, K13, Ml, Kl.

Leaves and Lines was worked with Antique Bedspread Cotton on size 0 needles.

How 102: D3, fasten off.

.Assembly Methods

Assembly of Leaves and

Alternate Assembly Method

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