Madame Weigels Pattern

I found this pattern in an old issue of a periodical called Madame YVeigel, published from 1880 to 1950 in Melbourne, Australia, by a needleworker of the same name. Madame Weigel emigrated "Down Under" from Poland via the United States in the 1870s. The patterns she dispensed in Australia through her magazine were probably brought with her from Europe.

This pattern is an excellent one for a beginning knitter. A simple, two-needle pattern, it uses a three-stitch rib that moves to the left and right to create a radiating diamond effect.

Knitting Designs

Madame Weigel's Pattern (shown three-quarter size) was knit with carpet warp on size 1 needles.

Legend for chart (facing page): □ = Knit on front of fabric, purl on back. ■ = Purl on front side of fabric, knit on back.

Chart represents front side of fabric, with one square being one stitch. Begin at lower right comer, working odd-numbered rows on front side of fabric and even-numbered rows on back.

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