Ribbed Squares

This pattern is my own variation on one I saw in a four-square panel in the Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas. To enhance the original pattern, I added the diagonal cross rib, but there are many variations that could be worked with this very simple pattern. For example, I have seen a fan pattern that begins with a si^-row rib pattern and then progressively eliminates two rows of the rib with each completion of the pattern. The visual tension created by gradually condensing the pattern is relieved after the tasi two purl rows with a series of eyelet rows. The ribbed square, the simplest Jive-needle pattern in this book, offers endless possibilities for experimentation.

Special Instructions:

The O's should be knit or purled closed on the following round. Each line of instruction should be repeated 4 times, once on each needle.

Cast on 8 stitches and distribute evenly on 4 needles. Knit with a 5th needle.

Kounil I: Kl, O, Kl. Round 2s K3. Round 3s Kl, (O, K1I2X. Round 41 K5.

Round 5s Kl, O, K3, O, Kl. Round Gs K7. Round 7s Kl, O, P5, O, Kl. Round Hs Kl, P7, Kl.

Round lOs Round Us Hound 12s Hound 13:

Round 14s Hound ISs Kl.

Hound lGs Round 17s Kl.

Hound ISs Hound 19s

Hound 22s



Hound 24s I Hound 25s I

Hound 2Us Hound 27s Kl.

Hound 2& Hound 21k Kl.

Hound 30: Hound 31: Kl



Round 36: K37.

Round K39.

Hound 40: Kl, P39, Kl. Round 41: Kl, O. P39, O, Kl.

Cast off or, if larger square is desired, continue in established pattern.

The lUbbrd Squares Mmpie mu kiiil uilh PaHaian Ollfon on ni«« I nNdkw.
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