Sapon Star

I have come across directions for numerous variations on the Saxon Star pattern, but I have never seen an actual counterpane that uses the motif. This particular version, from the nineteenth-century Weldon's Practical Knitter, is of interest because of its unusual raised-leaf border. This motif is a simple knit-and-purl pattern with a central decrease.

This two-needle pattern is a good one for beginning knitters who can work a oumber of repeats at one time to form a strip the length of the counterpane. II would repeat rows 1-21 of the pattern to produce the final raised-leaf band only at the end of this strip, knitting a series of stars one after the other.1 These strips could then be used alone or separated by vertical bands of an insert pattern lor patterns) from pp. 144-171. I leave the choice of a border up to you.

Cast on 52 stitches.

How li Knit.

How 2i Puri.

How 3l Knit.

Row 6: P4, CO, K3, O", P6I5X, '■', P7, P4. How 7: K4. P5, K7, P5, IK6, P5)5x, K4.

How P4, CO, K5, O", P6ISX, P7, P4. How 9t K4, P7, K7, P7, IK6, P7)Sx, K4.

How Ilk P4, CO, K7, [)" P6)5x, •-•, P7, •-•, P4. How 11: K4, P9, K7, P9 (K6, P9I5X, K4.

How 12! P4, CK3, D3, K3-, P6)5x, *-•. P7, P4. Row 13: K4, P7, K7. P7, (K6, P7)5x, K4.

How 14: P4, CK2, D3, K2', P6I5X. P7, '■', P4. How 15: K4, PS, K7, P5, (K6, P5I5X, K4.

How ltk P4, CK1. D3. Kl*, P6I5X, •-", P7, •-•, P4.

Howh 20 and 22: Purl. Hows 21 and 23: Knit. Row 24: P9, K34, P9. Row 25: K9, P9, Kl, P14,

How 27: *K4, P3, K4,\ P9, K2, P12, K2, P9, •-•. How 28: *P4, O, K3, O, P4', K34, •-•.

How 2tk "K4, P5, K4*. P9, K3, P10, K3, P9, How 30: *P4, O, K5, O, P4", K34, "•'.

Row 31: *K4, P7, K4\ P9, K4. P8, K4, P9, •-•. Row 32: *P4, O. K7, O, P4*, K34,

Row 37: *K4, P5. K4*, P9, K7, P2, K7, P9, '•'. How 38: "P4, Kl, D3, Kl, P4*. K34, •-'. Row 3tk *K4, P3. K4\ P9, K16, P9, •-".

How 41: (K4, P1I2X, K15, P2, K1S, (PI, K4I2X. Htm 42: P9, K34, P9. Row 43: K9, P2, K13, P4, K13, P2, K9. Row 44: P9, K34, P9. How 45: K9, P3, Kll, P6, Kit. P3, K9.

How 46t P9. K15, P», K15, P9. How 47: *K9, P4, K9", P2, K4, P2, •-•.

Row 48: "P4. O, Kl, O. t' l" K15, P4. K15, Rum' 41k *K4, P3, K4\ P5, K7, P3, K4. P3, K7, P5, *-*. How 5tk *P4. O. K3, O, P4\ K15, P4. K15, •-". How 51: *K4, PS, K4", P6, K5, P4, K4, P4, K5. P6, •-*. How 52: "P4, O, K5, O, P4\ K15, P4, K15, •■'.

How 53: (K4, P7)2x, K3, PI, K4, P4, K4, PI, K3, IP7, K4l2x How 54: *P4, O, K7, O, P4#, Kll, P4.K4, P4, Kll, •■'. How 55: *K4, P9, K4', P8, Kl, P2, K4. P4, K4, P2, Kl, P8,

Hon 5<k *P4, K3, D3, K3, P4\ Kll, P4, K4, P4, Kll, '■'. How 57: *K4, P7, K4\ P8, Kl, P2, K4, P4, K4, P2, Kl, P8,

How 58: *P4, K2, D3, K2, P4", Kll, P4, K4, P4, Kll, '-'. How 5tk *K4, P5, K4\ P7, K3, PI, K4, P4, K4, PI, K3, P7,

How titk *P4, Kl, D3, Kl, P4", K10, PI, K4, P4, K4, PI, K10, •-•.

Sa^on Star 103

Ron 66: P9, K15, P4, K15, P9. Row G7: K9, P3, Kll, P6, Kit, P3, K9. How 68: P9, K34, P9. How 6ft K9, P2, K13, P4, K13, P2, K9.

How 71: "K4 P3, K4\ PI, K15, P2, K15, PI, '-'. Row 72: *P4, O, K3, O, P4*, K34,

Row 75: *K4, P7, K4-, P9, K7, P2, K7, P9, '-*. Row 76: *P4, O, K7, O, P4* K34, •-•.

Row 77: IK4, P9l2x, K6, P4, KG, (P9, K4)2x. How 7& "P4, K3, D3, K3, P4", K34, •-•.

Rim 7ft *K4, P7, K4\ P9, KS, P6, K5, P9, •-•. Hon' 8ft 'P4, K2, D3, K2, P4", K34, '•',

How 81: *K4, PS, K4*, P9, K4, P8, K4, P9, '-'. Him' 82: *P4, Kl, D3, Kl, P4', K34, '-'.

Row 83: *K4, P3, K4', P9, K3, P10, K3, P9, •-*. Boh 84: "P4, D3, P4\ K34, "-*. How 85: "K4, PI, K4', P9, K2, P12, K2, P9, •■'. Bom- S& P9, K34, P9. Ron 87: K9, P9, Kl, P14, Kl, P9, K9.

Repeat rows 1-88 for desired length. Then work rows 1-21 and cast off following Row 22.

Star Pattern Purl Pattern

Saxon Star (shown two-third sizel was worked in size 3 pcrle cotton on

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