Theresas Pattern

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This pattern is one I varied slightly from similar patterns I found in Thérèse de Dillmont's Knitting, 5th Series and James Norbury's Traditional Knitting Patterns. Similar to A Bit of Italy (see p. 53-55), this pattern can be combined with its fancier counterpart for an interesting effect. The pair can even be worked with any number of other different patterns and tied together with a wide border; as they were in a superb counterpane I saw in a December, 1981, issue of Architectural Digest.

This moderately difficult pattern is knit on five needles. Begun in the center and worked outward, the flower motif is produced with simple increases and decreases, and the border with rows of purling and faggoting.

Special Instructions:

Each line of instruction should be repeated 4 times, once on each needle.

Cast on 8 stitches and distribute evenly on 4 needles. Knit with a 5th needle.

Round 1 and all otki-numherexl rountls through Round 43: Knit. Round 2: (O, Kl)2x. Round 4: O, Kl, O, RLD, O, Kl.

Round lth O, Kl, LRD, O, K3, 0, RLD, Kl, O, Kl. Round 12: O, K3, O, Kl, P3tog, Kl, O, K3, O, Kl.

Round 14: O, K2, LRD, O, K5, O, RLD, K2, O, Kl. Round 16: O, K4, O, K2, P3tog, K2, O, K4, O, Kl. Roiuid IS: O, K3, LRD, O, K7, O, RLD, K3, O, Kl. Round 2th O, K5, O, K3, P3tog, K3, O, K5, O, Kl. Round 22: O, K4, LRD, O, K9, O, RLD, K4, O, Kl. Round 24: O, K6, O, K4, P3tog, K4, O, K6, O, Kl. Round 26: O, K5, LRD, O, Kll, O, RLD, K5, O, Kl. Round 28: O, K7, O, K5, P3tog, K5, O, K7, O, Kl.

Round 30: O, K6, 'LRD, O, Kl, O, RLD*, K7, '-*, K6, O, Kl.

Round 32: O, K6, 'LRD, O, K3, O, RLD', K5, *-*, K6, O, Kl.

Round 34: CO, Kl, O, RLD, K3, LRD, O, Kl, O*, D3)2x, Kl.

Round 36: O, K3, O, (RLD, Kl, LRD, O, K3, O, RLD, K2, 0)2x, RLD, Kl, LRD, O, K3, O, Kl.

Round 40: O, K3, (O, RLD, K2)9x, O, Kl. Round 42: (O, Kl, O, D3)10x, (O, Kl)2x. Round 44: O, K43, O, Kl.

Round 45: P45, Kl. Round 46: O, P45, O, Kl. Round 47: K48. Round 48: O, Kl, (O, RLD)23x, O, Kl. Round 49: K50. Round 50: O, P49, O, Kl. Round 51: P51, Kl. Round 52: O, KS1, O, Kl. Round 53: Kl, (O, RLDI26X, Kl.

Round 54: O, K53, O, Kl. Round 55: P55, Kl. Round 56: O, P55, O, Kl. Round 57: P57, Kl.

Cast off.

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