Wheat Ears

I have never seen a counterpane knitted in this handsome pattern, which I found in the nineteenth-century Weldon's Practical Knitter. This two-needle pattern is not very difficult, using yarn-overs and triple decreases for the wheat ears and a slip-knit pattern for the surrounding bands.

The insert and lace edging patterns are from the nineteenth-century Weldon's Practical Shilling Guide to Fancy Work. If worked in a heavier weight of cotton or in wool, the Wheat Ears pattern would make a perfect pillow cover. This might also be a good pattern to work in one or more colors.

Wheat Ears Knitting Pattern Chart

[The Wheat Ears sample;» (shown half-size) were knit with Wondersheen Cotton on size 0 needles.

Special Instructions:

Slpf Slip stitch purlwise, holding yarn to front.

Cast on 2 stitches.

How a- Bl, IO, K1I2X. How 4: Bl, P3, K2. How 5: Bl, PI, O, K3, O, P2 How f>: Bl, Kl, PS, K3. How 7: Bl, P2, O, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P3.

How 8: Bl, K2, PS, K4. How ft Bl. P3, O, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P4.

How 12! Bl, K4, P5, K6. How 13: Bl, P5. O, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P6.

How 14: Bl, K5, PS, K7. How IS Bl, P6, O, Kl, D3. Kl, O, P7.

How 1ft Bl, KB, P5, K8. How 17: Bl, P7, O, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P8.

How 211: Bl, K8, P5, KIO. How 21: Bl, P9, Kl, D3, Kl. P10.

How 22.* Bl, K9, P3, Kll. How 23: Bl, P10. D3, Pll. How 24: Bl. P23. How 25! Kl, O, K24. How 26! PI, O, P25. How 27: PI, O, P26. How 28: Kl, O, K27. How 21k PI, O, P28, How 3D: PI, O, P29. How 31: Kl, O. K30 How 32: Bl, P31. How 33: Bl, (Slpf, P1I16X. How 34: KP1, P33. How 35: Bl, ISlpf, P1I17X.

How 4ft KP1, P39.

How 4ft KP1, P48.

Boh 62: KP1, K5, (P5, K5I8X, PS, K7. How 63: KP1, P6, IO, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P5I8X, O, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P7.

How 65: KP1, P7, IO, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P5I8X, O, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P8.

BOH- Sfit KP1, K7, IPS, K5I8X, P5, K9. Boh- 67: KP1, P8, (O, Kl, □3, Kl, O, P5I8X, O, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P9


Boh 72s KP1, P71.

Boh 7ft KP1, K78.

How 87: KP1, ISlpf, P1143X.

How 8ft KP1, (Slpf, P1I44X.


How 04: P2tog. P90. Row 115: P2tog, PI, (Slpf, P1I44X.

Row 06: P2tog P88. Boh- 07: P2tog, PI, (Slpf, P1I43X.

Boh- MS! P2tog, P86. How »ft P2tog. PI, (Slpf, P1I42X.

Boh- IOO: P2log P84.

Boh 102: P2tog P82. Boh- 103: P2tog, PI, ISlpf, P1I40X.

Row 104: P2tog, P80. Row 105: LRD, K79. Boh- 106: P2tog, P78. How 107: P2tog, P77. How 108: LRD. K76. Boh- 109: P2tog, P75. How 110: P2tog P74. Row 111! LRD. K73. How 112: P2tog, P72. Row 113: P2tog P10, IO, Kl, O, PSI8X, O, Kl, 0, P12. How 114! LRD, KIO, IP3, K5)8x, P3, Kll. Boh 115: P2tog, P9, (O, K3, 0, PS18X, O, K3, O, Pll. Row 116: LRD, K9, IP5, KSI8X, P5, KIO. Row 117! P2tog P8, IO, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P5I8X, 0, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P10.

Boh 123! P2tog, P5, (O, Kl, D3, Kl, O. P5ISX, O, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P7.

Boh- 125: P2tog P4. IO, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P5I8X, O, Kl, D3, Kl, O, P6.

Wheat Ears 89

Row 132: P2tog, P52.

Row 134: P2tog, P50.

Row 135: P2tog, P49.

Row 137: P2tog P47.

Row 138: P2tog, P46.

Row 140: P2tog, P44.


Row 142: P2tog, P42. Row 143: P2tog, PI, (Slpf, Pl)20x.

Row 144: P2tog, P40. Row 145: P2tog, PI, (Slpf, Pl)19x.

How 146: P2tOg, P38. Row 147: P2tog, PI, (Slpf, Pl)18x.

Row 148: P2tog P36. Row 149: P2tog, PI, (Slpf, Pl)17x.

Row ISO: P2tog, P34. Row 151: P2tog, PI, (Slpf, P1H6X.

Row 152: P2tog, P32. Ho»' 153: LRD, K31. Row 154: P2tog, P30. Row 155: P2tOg, P29. Row 156: LRD, K28. Row 157: P2tog, P27. Row 158: P2tog, P26. Row 159: LRD, K25. Row 160: P2tog P24. Row 161: P2tog, P10, O, Kl, 0, P12.

Row 164: Row 165: D3, Kl, O, Row 166: Row 167: D3, Kl, O, Row 168: Row 169: D3, Kl, O, Row 170: Row 171: D3, Kl, O, Row 172: Row 173: D3, Kl, O, Hon 174: Row 175: D3, Kl, O, Row 176: How 177: Kl, P4. Row 178: Row 179: Row 180: Row 181: Row 182: Row 183: How 184:

LRD, K2, P3, K3. P2tog PI, D3, P3. LRD, K4. P2tog, P3. LRD, K2. P2tog, PI. LRD, fasten off.

Wheat Ears Insert

Cast on 38 stitches. Knit 2 rows.

Row 1: K2, O, LRD, K34. How 2: P35, O, LRD, Kl. How 3: Repeat Row 1. Row 4: Repeat Row 2. Row 5: K2, O, LRD, P4, (O, Kl, O, P5)5x. Row 6: K5, (P3, K5)5x, O, LRD, Kl.

20: K5, (P5, K5)5x, O, LRD, Kl. Hows 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19:

How 21: K2, O, LRD, P4, (Kl, D3, Kl, P5)5x. How 22: Repeat Row 6. Row 23: K2, O, LRD, P4, (D3, P5)5x.

Row 24: Repeat Row 2. Row 25: Repeat Row 1. How 26: Repeat Row 2. Row 27: K2, O, LRD, P34. Row 28: K35, O, LRD, Kl.

Four units of Wheat Ears assembled into a square.

Four units of Wheat Ears assembled into a square.

How 29: Repeat Row 27. Row 30: Repeat Row 2. Row 31: Repeat Row 1. Row 32: Repeat Row 2. How 33: K2, O, LRD, (PI, Slpf)16x, P2.

Repeat Row 2.


Row 37: Repeat Row 33. How 39: Repeat Row 35. How 41: Repeat Row 33. Row 43: Repeat Row 35. Row 45: Repeat Row 1. Row 46: Repeat Row 2. Row 47: Repeat Row 27. How 48: Repeat Row 28. Row 49: Repeat Row 27. Row 50; Repeat Row 2. Row 51: Repeat Row 1. Row 52: Repeat Row 2.

Repeat rows 5-52 for desired length.

Lace Edguig

Cast on 9 stitches.

Row 1: SI, K4, O, LRD, K2. Row 2: K4, (O, LRD)2x, Kl. Row 3: SI, Kl, (Kl, PI into O), K2, O, LRD, K2. Row 4: K4, O, LRD, K4. Row 5: SI, K5, O, LRD, K2. Row K4, O, LRD, O, Kl, O, LRD, Kl.

Row 7: SI, [Kl, (Kl, PI into 0)]2x, K2, O, LRD, K2. Row 8: K4, O, LRD, K7. Row 9: SI, K8, O, LRD, K2. Row 10: K4, (O, LRD)4x, Kl. Row 11: SI, [Kl, (Kl, PI into 0))3x, K2, O, LRD, K2. How 12: K4, O, LRD, K10. Row 13: Cast off 7 stitches, K4, O, LRD, K2.

Repeat rows 2-13 for desired length.

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