Basic Body And Head Version B

Begin at lower edge of body and using colour required for lower body, cast on 34 sts. Mark centre of cast on edge with a coloured thread

Beginning with a P row continue in st-st and work 3 rows.

M/ss Christabel

Miss Amelia

Note: For the 'ml' abbreviation on the next row, refer to Special abbreviations on page 2.

Next row: K8. (ml. K1) twice, ml. K14. ml (K1. ml) twice. K8 — 40 sts.

St-st 12 rows.

Next row: K, to mark pos<tion for sewing on the pantalets.

Break off yam and join on colour required for upper body

Beginning with a K row, continue in st-st and work 8 rows.

Shape sides

Next row: K7, (K2tog) 4 times. K10. (K2tog) 4 times. K7 — 32 sts. St-st 5 rows.

Shape neck

Next row: (K2, K2tog) to end — 24 sts. Break off yarn and join on light pink or colour required tor head.

P 1 row. This row is the 'neck' row which will be gathered to shape the neck when making-up.

Inc for head

Next row: K2. inc in next 20 sts, K2 - 44 sts. St-st 23 rows, marking centre of one of these rows with a coloured thread.

Shape top of head 1 st row: (K2, K2tog) to end — 33 sts. 2nd and every following alternate row: P.

3rd row: (K1. K2tog) to end — 22 sts. 5th row: (K2tog) to end — 11 sts. B & T tightly.

Make up as given n basic making-up instructions for body and head.

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