Recreate Victorian Embroidery And Needlework

The Best And Last Book On Art Needlework

This book's 120 pages are packed with black and white photos, descriptions, instructions and patterns. There are some great vintage advertisements, too! Youve got to see this book to believe it. You will find advice about different types of silks and flosses and their uses, care for embroidered items, ideas for gifts,needlework advice And you will find amazing patterns for: Victoria Knitting Silk, Knitting Silks and How They Differ, Asiatic Filo Silk Floss, Roman Floss, Asiatic Twisted Embroidery Silk, Asiatic Honiton Lace Silk, Asiatic Rope Silk, Mediaeval Embroidery Silk, Asiatic Outline Embroidery Silk, Silk Sheeting, Embroidery Chenille, Arrasene, Scale for Socks and Stockings, Various Stitches Knitting, Things Worth Knowing, Appropriate and Useful Presents Encouragement to Knitters, Abbreviations and Explanations of Terms, Childs and Ladys Silk Stockings, Gentlemans Silk Sock, Ladys Knitted Undervest, Infants Long Silk Shirt, Infants Boot and Band, Wristers Infants Crocheted Socks, Infants Mittens, Ladys Fancy Mitten, Ladys Jersey Mitten Wristers, Knitted Gloves for Gentlemen, Knee Warmers Fancy Pattern, Knot Stitch, Roll Stitch Daisy, Rose Stitch Roll Picot Stitch, Scarf Wheel, Guipure Wheel, Passementerie Wheel, Scarf Wheel #2 Chatelaine Chain, Daisy Lace, Marking Linen, Black Crocheted Beaded Bag, Long Crochet Purse, Baltimore Crocheted Tie, Crocheted Umbrella Case, Tobacco Bag, Work Bag, Hair Receiver, Crochet Rings, Card and Flower Basket, Sleeve Holder Burnt Match Receiver Needle Book, Mouchoir Case Scarf Wheels Dress Trimmings, Photograph Holder Scissors Chatelaine Postal Card Case, Twine Bag Spool Bag, Tennis Belt, Crocheted Tassel, Mountmellick Work, Spray of Blackberries and Leaves, Maiden Hair Fern, Passion Flowers and Leaves, Crocheted Suspenders, Crocheted Fan Tidy Silk Slippers, Lamp Shade, Crocheted Handkerchief Case, Fancy Work made with Silk Faced Figured Terry and Silk Sheeting, Spool Silk, Crocheted Garters, Illustrated Embroidery Stitches (Thirty-five Illustrations) Proper Shades in Wash Silks, All-over Designs, Ecclesiastical Designs.

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Highly Recommended

This ebook comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

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Motifs to embroider

Cross Stitch Alphabet Patterns

With a little bit of imagination, you can transform the appearance of a sweater or other knitted garment. Add a simple figure embroidered in duplicate stitch or cross stitch, for example, surrounded by small delicate beads. Choose the monogram desired and determine its position on the garment Then embroider it in duplicate stitch or cross stitch. Following the chart, note that each square on chart represents I knitted stitch in width and 2 rows in length.