Adding Embroidery

Adding colour and design to your work does not have to include difficult knitting techniques.These designs can be an afterthought that will enhance your creations.

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Blanket stitch

1 Working from right to left, and with the edge of the fabric at the top, bring a darning needle threaded with yarn through at the bottom of the edging.

2 Hold the thread down, and insert the needle to the left, by the top edge of the work, taking a straight stitch that emerges inside the loop. Pull the needle through until the thread forms a horizontal bar, and continue working to the left.

Chain stitch

Draw a needle through the fabric from back to front, then reinsert the needle just to the right of where it came through, holding some of the thread down to create a small loop.Take a stitch of the required length, making sure the needle passes up through the loop to form the first "chain" link. Repeat, shaping the chain stitches around your work as required.

Swiss darning

This is an embroidery stitch done onto the top of stockinette stitch. It follows the line of the stitch, superimposing a contrast color onto the front surface of your work to create a pattern that looks as if it has been knitted in. With a darning needle and contrast thread, trace the pattern of the stitch, beginning at the bottom edge of the stitch. From behind, pass it through the center of the stitch and up and under the two threads of the stitch above, then back into the space where the thread first appeared. Repeat, covering as many stitches as required.

You could also embroider a pattern in this stitch using different colors by working it out on graph paper first

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