Caterpillar cushion

With #6 (4mm) needles cast on 90/1 10 sts, RI: *k4, p6, rep from * to end of row. R2,4, 6 and 8: purl R3: knit

R5: *p5, k4, p I, rep from * to end of row. R7: knit.

Rep rows 1-7 until work measures 3472 \n.lATh in. (88/108 cm.) ending on a purl row where the next row is not rl or r5 of pattern. Make buttonholes.

Next row: kl 2/8, *cast off 4sts, k 14, rep from * 3/4 times more.cast off 4sts, k 12/8.

Next row: p 12/8, cast on 4 sts,*p 14, cast on 4sts, rep from * 3/4 times more, pi 2/8.

Work 3A in. (2 cm) more in pattern. Bind-off

Make up

Fold both ends of work into centre, RS to RS, overlapping ends by 4 in. (10cm) with button band on inside (RS).

Cushion should now measure I53A in./l93A in. (40/50 cm) square. Pin side seams and sew with firm back stitch.

Fold to right side, press and then sew on buttons.

  • Yarn: Sportweight cotton 10 x 2 oz. (50 gms)
  • Needles: #6 (4mm)
  • 5/6 buttons
  • I cushion pad in appropriate size

Measurements: 153A in. x 153A (40 cm x 40cm) or for 193A in. l93/< in. (50 cm x 50 cm) cushion, follow second measurements.

Grade: 2

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