Ice cream beanie and scarf

Stripe beanie

With #7 (4.5 mm) needles and MC, cast on 84 sts. Work in garter st for I 'A in. (3 cm), change to #9 (5.5 mm) needles and continue in st st for I 'A in. (4 cm) more.

Change to CCI and work in st st for I 7z in. (4 cm). Start dec as follows:

RI: k I I, *k2tog, k 12, rep from * 4 times more, k2tog, k I. R2 and alternate rows: p.

R3: k 10, *k2tog, k I I, rep from * 4 times more, k2tog, k I.

Rep, dec as above, until work measures 572 in. (14 cm) then change to CC2. Cont dec as above until 18 sts rem. Break off yarn.

Making up

Thread end of yarn through sts with a darning needle twice and draw up tight. Sew seam using the same end, and sew in any ends.


Make a four- or more color hat by changing yarn more often.

Add a bobble (see page 103) or tassle to the top.

Work first I 74 in. (3 cm) in k2, p2 rib, cable rib, or seed st.

As with other simple patterns in this book, you could substitute the worsted weight yarn with sportweight yarn and knit a hat for a child using the same pattern.

Stripe scarf

With #7 (4.5 mm) needles and MC, cast on 40 sts and work 5 rows garter st. Change to #9 (5.5mm) needles. RI: k4, p32,k4 R2: k.

Rep RI-2. (This sets pattern for garter st border all around scarf.) Cont until work measures 107« in. (26 cm). Change to CCI, work for 972 in. (24 cm) more. Change to CC2 and work further 972 in. (24 cm). Change to CCI and work 47« in. (12 cm), ending on a k row.

Start row numbering again. RI: k4, p13, k6, pi3, k4. R2: k. Rep RI-2.

Start split as follows:

R5: k4, p 13, k3. Put rem sts on st holder and cont working with 20 sts on needle.

Rep R7 and 8 for 4'A in. (I 1.5 cm), ending at inner edge. Put these 20 sts onto a 2nd st holder and work sts from I st st holder for 472 in. (I 1.5 cm) to match, ending at outer edge.

Start row numbering again. Rl:k4,pl3,k6,pl3,k4. R2: k. Rep RI-2.

Then cont RI-2 until work measures 3872 in. (98 cm). Change to MC and cont until work measures 48 in. (122 cm). Change to #7 (4.5 mm) needles and work 5 rows garter st, and bind off.

Making up

Sew in ends.

you will need:

Start row numbering again. RI: k2tog across work. R2: p.

Break off yarn, leaving a 10 in. (25.5 cm) end for sewing up. Thread this end through a darning needle and then thread through the remaining sts twice and pull tightly.

you will need:

Grade: 3

Key for 3-color mittens MC = lilac CCI = pink CC2 = green

Key for multicolor mittens

CCI = turquoise

CC3 = orange

CC4 = yellow

CC5 = lime

  • Yarn: worsted weight: These take less than the minimum I oz. ball, so you could use leftover yarn from another project
  • Needles: #7 (4.5 mm) and #9 (5.5 mm)

Measurements: length 8/1072 in.

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