The aim of this book is to inspire people to take up the fantastic art of knitting.This is a craft that began simply as a way of creating clothes for warmth, and is now an extremely fashionable way of dressing.

In this book I hope to teach you all the basic skills needed to begin knitting and to inspire and encourage you to continue long after you have completed the projects in this book. Although I have suggested yarns for each pattern, you can replace these with different yarns that appeal to your own style. As long as the new yarns match my suggestions in ply (thickness), the projects will work just as well.This freedom enables you to translate the styles in this book into individual and unique pieces of your own. Once you have gained confidence, you can then go on to develop and explore your own design skills, following the advice in this book and by reading the tips and hints given at the end of many of the patterns.

As a collector of knitwear—whether in the form of old patterns or classic vintage pieces—I am continually inspired to design new styles of my own. I love the texture of knitting and its flexibility, and I am always amazed at the incredible skill and creativity that non-professional knitters show. I hope that by reading this book you will learn to share my passion and help continue this beautiful and fulfilling craft.

As an introduction to knitting, I have given a brief history of the craft. I would, however; like to point out that in my research I came across much contradictory information, and the following is my own interpretation based on the information I found. However; as archeologists continue unearthing our history, and as technology advances, this information may modify.

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