Cheeky Chinos

part of every wardrobe.

The look has been scaled down for babies, toddlers, picture patterns to extend the appeal to all abilities.

Special colours of Stone, boys and girls up to six years Sand, Putty and Khaki have in this irresistible collection of been used throughout to hand knit designs from Sirdar in Snuggly DK - the complement and tone with your chino and denim knitters favourite baby yarns, accessories. The result is a

beautifully co-ordinating collection of stylish and versatile designs.

With Sirdar Snuggly, style comes with a welcome bcjius - the yarns offer easy car® machine wash, tumble dr^» performance, ensuring thM your 'cheeky chinos' will repay your knitting skills aiid retain their supersoft appearance wash after wash.

Design A


I Design C

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