Block each rectangle to measure 15 x 26 (38 x 66 cm). sew cast-on edge of 1st piece to right lower side of 2nd piece. sew bound-off edge of 2nd piece to right lower edge of 1st piece leaving an opening for the head (see schematic page 131, sewing A to A and B row 2 k2, *k1 and sl back to LH needle, with RH needle, lift next 8 sts, i st at a time, over this st and off needle, yo twice, k the first st again, k2 rep from * to end. row 3 PI, *p2tog, drop first yo of previous row, k into front,...

Large Outer Flower

ROW 1 k 1 fftb of each st 8 sts. ROWS 2, 4 and 8 purl. ROW 3 rep row I 16 sts. ROW 5 rep row 1 32 sts. ROW 7 Bind off 1 st, *sl st from RH needle to LH needle, using cable cast on method, cast on 3 sts, bind off 5 sts rep from * until i st rem. Gather cast on sts at center. Pull tightly and secure. Sew seams. Place center flower With 3rd color, work three 3 French knots (see page 127) in


With smaller needles and single strand cc, cast on 37 sts. ROW 1 (RS) kl, *p1, k1 rep from * to end. knit and p the purl sts. row 3 kl. *p1, m1-p, kl rep from * to end. row 5 kl, *p2, ml-p. kl rep from * to end. cont in this way to inc 18 sts every other row until there are 1 09 sts. bind off. roll ruffle edge from outside and sew along cast-on

Small Petal

With c and size 6 or 9 needles (see note), cast on 3 sts. work in st st, inc 1 st each end every other row until there are 5 sts. work even for 4 rows, ending with a ws row. rep rows i and 2 of large Felt (see page 128) pieces of felted version. sew to flower center. sew large petals to background. thread cast-on edge sts of small petals, gather and pull tog. sew to center of


Traditional l-cord or knit cord is used to make a simple looped daisy and a variety of other flowers. the cord can be felted and folded to make loopy flowers, or wire can be used to bend and shape the petals. casting on and binding off is another technique used to make cute, quick and easy flowers. these knitted flowers are perfect for adorning a holiday gift package, shoes, bags or anything you want to make special.

Large Petal Piece

Cast on 60 sts. work St st for 46 rows. Bind off. Cast on 40 sts. Work in St st for 25 rows. Bind off. pieces. using petal templates (see page 129), cut 7 large petals from C, 7 medium petals from B and 7 small petals from A. sew each set of petals tog to form flower. Layer dark to light and sew tog. Sew gold button in center. Cut circle from C and sew to back for reinforcement. feathers optional (see photo). Cast on 40 sts. Work in St st for 25 rows. Bind off.

Double Leaves

With b, make 2 large basic leaves see page 127 and sew them tog making i . sew 2 sets of double leaves to rose see photo . sew pin The word constructed suits these flowers. Individual components or pieces such as petals, corkscrews, bobbles and fringes are knit or sewn together to shape the flowers. You'll find a variety of very special, easy-to-learn techniques in this chapter and can create a variety of beautiful flowers. Experiment with different textural yarns and color combinations.


Templates Flowers Felt

Make two 6 1 5cm cords with b, one 7v18cm cord with D. felt cord see page 128 . fold cord D into sixteen 2 5cm loops. thread tapestry needle and gather same as layered flower, and tie to center. attach stems to back of flower, cut at angles. hint when folding cord, use line paper or draw 2 lines to use as a template for