Large Star

Using 2 colors for each of the 3 flowers, with 1st color, cast on 6 sts. row 1 (RS) K3, yo, k3 7 sts rows 2. 4. 6. 8. and 10 knit. row 3 K3, yo, k4 8 sts. row 5 K3. yo, k5 9 sts. row 7 K3, yo, k6 lO sts. row 9 K3, yo, k7 1 1 sts. row 11 K3, yo. k8 12 sts. sew cast on to bind off edge. sew to form star. weave yarn in and out of eyelet, pull

Crazy Daisy left

Make 5 corkscrews of 40 cast-on sts each. weave in ends. STS AT EACH END OF EACH CORKSCREW (20 STS on SAME NEEDLE.). ON SAME NEEDLE, CAST ON I ST AND K IT, * K4 (CORKSCREW STS), CAST ON I ST REP FROM * 26 STS. K 3 ROWS. REP LAST ROW 8 STS. PASS 2ND, 3RD, 4TH, 5TH, 6TH, 7TH AND 8TH ST OVER I ST ST. PULL YARN THROUGH LAST loop AND SECURE. SEW SEAM. SEW ROUND BEAD in CENTER. Leave corkscrews on spare needle. cast on 23 sts, *k2, k next cast on st with i corkscrew rep from *, end k2 23 sts. k 4...


Felt pieces (see page 128). After one cycle, check measurements of bag. if it's still larger than finished measurements, repeat process with progressively shorter cycles, measuring every few minutes until measurement is achieved. form bag into shape. let air dry. when felting is complete sew 1 each of A a b leaves to each rose. sew roses around top edges. Divide and sew remaining leaves to bag front and back. (follow photo) Unlike all the flowers in the previous chapters...

Center Techniques

Felting flowers is an easy way to become addicted to felting. This technique creates uniquely textured flowers, any flower can be felted, but natural 100 wool must be used. superwash wools do not felt. cashmere and alpaca felt beautifully. many stitch combinations are used to make the following flowers. a larger gauge than normal is used, making the stitches loose and airy and allowing the soap and hot cold water to penetrate the wool. This process, along with the agitation, changes the...


1 1 oz 50g spools (each approx 143yd 130m) of russi Sales serpentine (polyamide) each in 929 gold, 841 dk green and 824 olive one pair size 5 (3.75mm) needles or SIZE to OBTAIN GAUGE two size 3 (3.25mm i dpn for i cord button 1 seven petal flower 377.5cm in diameter note scarf is made up of three different size flowers small, medium and large. colors are changed as desired.

Small Blossom Flower

Foll insert needle in st, wrap yarn over 2 fingers of lh 3 times, then over needle again 4 loops on needle. draw 4 loops on needle through ST, insert lh needle through THE front loops and k them tog through back loops rep FROM *, end kl . ROW 2 k2tog across row 6 sts. Pass 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th st over 1st st. pull YARN through last loop and secure rep rows 1-6 five more times. bind off. through straight edge of piece. pull tightly and secure. sew last bound-off edge to cast-on edge for 3...


Using 2 colors for each flower, with 1st color cast on 37 (43, 49) sts. k 2 rows. row 1 (rs) k 1 , *yo, kl, k3tog, k 1 , yo. k1 rep from *. row 2 pi , *k5. pi rep from *. rep rows 1 & 2, 1 (2. 3) times more. change to 2nd color. Next Row k2tog across, end kl 19 (23, 25) sts. next row k2tog across row. Fasten off. Sew seams.

Jenni Bloom

With a, cast on 30 sts. work in st st for 2 5cm. bind off. with b, cast on io sts. work in st st for 2 5cm. bind off. felt pieces (see page 128). using template (see page 130), cut 5 petals from color A felted piece and sew tog at center. using L'ORna wand, glue 6 studs down center of each petal. Using leaf template, cut 3 leaves from color B felted piece, sew to flower. cut 2 circles from color A felted piece. sew one to top of flower (also one to bottom for reinforcement, if making a pin).

Large Petal

P I row. Work in St st inc I st each end of needle every other row until there are 7 sts. work even for 5 rows, ending with a ws row. ROW t (RS) ssk, k to last 2 With b, make 6 bobbles (see page 102). With C, make I bobble. With d, make pistil (see page 1 02) with 15 spokes. sew 6 b bobbles to center of petals. Sew pistil to center of large petals around bobble. Sew C bobble to center of flower. felt (see page 128).

ROW and all even ROWS

ROWS 5 and 7 Knit. ROW 9 K5, s2kp, k5 I I sts. ROW 11 K4, s2kp, k4 9 sts. Row 13 K3, s2kp, k3 7 sts. ROW 15 K2, s2kp, k2 5 sts. ROW 16 Purl. Leave 5 sts on Row 20 p2tog across row, end pi 7 sts. Pass 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th sts over 1st st. fasten off last st connecting center, sew seam. work in all ends. sew beads to center (optional).


With a, cast on 50 sts and work st st for 2 5cm, end with a WS row. P next row on RS for turning ridge. cont in ST st for 172.5cm more. k next row on RS, inc 15 sts evenly spaced across 65 sts. P 1 row, k 1 row. Work in trellis pat for one full rep. cont in pat, dec 1 st each side on next row, then every 6th row twice more, then every other row twice, every 4th row twice twice, every other row twice. work even through row 1 1 of 5th pat rep. with a, p 1 row, kl row.


Block each rectangle to measure 15 x 26 (38 x 66 cm). sew cast-on edge of 1st piece to right lower side of 2nd piece. sew bound-off edge of 2nd piece to right lower edge of 1st piece leaving an opening for the head (see schematic page 131, sewing A to A and B row 2 k2, *k1 and sl back to LH needle, with RH needle, lift next 8 sts, i st at a time, over this st and off needle, yo twice, k the first st again, k2 rep from * to end. row 3 PI, *p2tog, drop first yo of previous row, k into front,...

Large Outer Flower

ROW 1 k 1 fftb of each st 8 sts. ROWS 2, 4 and 8 purl. ROW 3 rep row I 16 sts. ROW 5 rep row 1 32 sts. ROW 7 Bind off 1 st, *sl st from RH needle to LH needle, using cable cast on method, cast on 3 sts, bind off 5 sts rep from * until i st rem. Gather cast on sts at center. Pull tightly and secure. Sew seams. Place center flower With 3rd color, work three 3 French knots (see page 127) in

Small Petal

With c and size 6 or 9 needles (see note), cast on 3 sts. work in st st, inc 1 st each end every other row until there are 5 sts. work even for 4 rows, ending with a ws row. rep rows i and 2 of large Felt (see page 128) pieces of felted version. sew to flower center. sew large petals to background. thread cast-on edge sts of small petals, gather and pull tog. sew to center of


Traditional l-cord or knit cord is used to make a simple looped daisy and a variety of other flowers. the cord can be felted and folded to make loopy flowers, or wire can be used to bend and shape the petals. casting on and binding off is another technique used to make cute, quick and easy flowers. these knitted flowers are perfect for adorning a holiday gift package, shoes, bags or anything you want to make special.

Large Petal Piece

Cast on 60 sts. work St st for 46 rows. Bind off. Cast on 40 sts. Work in St st for 25 rows. Bind off. pieces. using petal templates (see page 129), cut 7 large petals from C, 7 medium petals from B and 7 small petals from A. sew each set of petals tog to form flower. Layer dark to light and sew tog. Sew gold button in center. Cut circle from C and sew to back for reinforcement. feathers optional (see photo). Cast on 40 sts. Work in St st for 25 rows. Bind off.

Layered Flower back

With a, work 16740.5cm l-cord see page 127 . with b, work 24v61cm cord. with c, work 34v86cm cord. with D, make bobble see page 127 . felt see page 128 cords and bobble. a rubber band loosely around folded cord to keep it from tangling. five 1 2.5cm long accordion loops holding them in place with scotch tape. thread needle and run through the round edge of loops. gather and tie 2nd and 3rd layers rep top layer as foll with b cord, fold into seven 1 14 4cm loops. With C cord, fold into nine r...

Five Petal Flower small

multiple of 1 i sts plus 2 Cast on 57 sts row 1 purl. row 2 k2, k 1 , sl this st back to left needle, lift the next 8 sts on left needle over this st and off needle. yo 2 times, knit the i st st again, k2 rep from to end. row 3 k i , p2 tog, drop i yo loop kl , pi 2 times in rem yo of previous row. pi rep from to last st. kl. change to a new tail through rem 8 sts on needle. gather up and fasten securely. sew seam and weave securely. sew seam and weave flower. change to a new color. in end....


Cast on 66 sts. work in st st for 4 rows. needle counterclockwise 360 degrees, then knit another 6 sts and rotate the lh needle again counterclockwise 360 degrees rep from to the end. p 1 row. from to end 33 sts. next row P2 tog rep from , end pi 17 sts. next row K2 tog rep from , end k 1 9 sts. Cut yarn and thread through rem 9 sts, pull tightly. twist

Double Leaves

With b, make 2 large basic leaves see page 127 and sew them tog making i . sew 2 sets of double leaves to rose see photo . sew pin The word constructed suits these flowers. Individual components or pieces such as petals, corkscrews, bobbles and fringes are knit or sewn together to shape the flowers. You'll find a variety of very special, easy-to-learn techniques in this chapter and can create a variety of beautiful flowers. Experiment with different textural yarns and color combinations.