Large Petal Piece

Cast on 60 sts. work St st for 46 rows. Bind off. Cast on 40 sts. Work in St st for 25 rows. Bind off. pieces. using petal templates (see page 129), cut 7 large petals from C, 7 medium petals from B and 7 small petals from A. sew each set of petals tog to form flower. Layer dark to light and sew tog. Sew gold button in center. Cut circle from C and sew to back for reinforcement. feathers optional (see photo). Cast on 40 sts. Work in St st for 25 rows. Bind off.

Five Petal Flower small

multiple of 1 i sts plus 2 Cast on 57 sts row 1 purl. row 2 k2, k 1 , sl this st back to left needle, lift the next 8 sts on left needle over this st and off needle. yo 2 times, knit the i st st again, k2 rep from to end. row 3 k i , p2 tog, drop i yo loop kl , pi 2 times in rem yo of previous row. pi rep from to last st. kl. change to a new tail through rem 8 sts on needle. gather up and fasten securely. sew seam and weave securely. sew seam and weave flower. change to a new color. in end....


Templates Flowers Felt

Make two 6 1 5cm cords with b, one 7v18cm cord with D. felt cord see page 128 . fold cord D into sixteen 2 5cm loops. thread tapestry needle and gather same as layered flower, and tie to center. attach stems to back of flower, cut at angles. hint when folding cord, use line paper or draw 2 lines to use as a template for