Cute in cable

Pull on this cute cabled hat, look out from under the generous brim and watch all the attention turn to you - not the dog you're walking.

Materials • Orange hat

One 50 g (2 oz) ball of Rowan Kid Classic in orange (827 Juicy)

Pair of 5 mm (US 8) knitting needles Tassel

One 50 g (2 oz) ball of Rowan Kid Classic in purple (835 Royal)

Pair of 5 mm (US 8) knitting needles Tassel


• One size (to fit child aged 9 years, up to an average adult female head)

51-56 cm (20-22 in) circumference


17 sts x 24 rows to 10 cm (4 in) square measured over st-st using 5 mm (US 8) knitting needles

Abbreviations alt alternate: dec decreas(e)(ing); foll(s) follow(s)(ing): inc increas(e)(ing); K knit; M1 make 1 st; P purl; P2tog purl 2 sts together; psso pass slipped stitch over; rem remain(ing); rep repeat; RS "ight side: sl1 slip 1 stitch; st(s) stitch(es); st-st stocking stitch WS wrong side Special abbreviation: C6F cable 6 forward - slip 3 sts onto cable needle, hold at front, K3, then K3 from cable needle

Designer's note

To change the look of this hat you could knit the rib in a contrast colour. If you are feeling really confident, you could also try knitting the cables in a different colour-this would require a little more skill and knitting in vertical stripes using separate balls of yarn for each colour.

The hats to make

Using 5 mm (US 8) knitting needles, cast on 82 sts.

These 2 rows set the rib sts. Work these 2

rows until work measures 6 cm (2/ in) from cast-on, ending with a WS row.

Now work cable pattern as foils:

Row 4 and every foil alt row: K1, [P6, K12] 5times, K1. Row 5: K1, [P12, K6] 5 times, K1. Row 7: K1, [P12, C6F]5times, K1. Row 9: K1, [P12, K6] 5 times. K1. Row 11: K1, [P12, K6] 5 times, K1. Row 13: K1,[P12, K6]5times, K1. Row 14: K1, [P6. K12]5times, K1. Rep rows 7-14 twice more.

Shape crown

Next row: K1, [P6, K2] 5 times, K1. Next row (dec): K1, [P2, K1,sl1, K1, psso. K2tog, K1] 5 times, K1.32sts. Next row: K1,[P4, K2] 5 times, K1. Next row (dec): K1, [P2, sl1, K1, psso, K2tog] 5times, K1.22 sts. Next row: K1, [P2, K2] 5 times, K1. Next row (dec): K1, [K2tog] 10 times, K1. 12 sts.

Break off yarn, run yarn through rem sts, draw up and fasten off.

Using knit stitch selvedge as a guide, sew seam using mattress stitch (or back stitch if preferred), reversing seam for bottom 6 cm

to finish

Make the tassel as described on page 32. Using the photograph as a guide, attach the tassel to the top of the hat.

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