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When you have spent many hours knitting, it is essential that you complete your project correctly. Follow the simple instructions provided here to achieve a beautifully finished accessory.


It is important to press your knitting before making up, to help maintain the shape of the pieces and achieve a professional-looking finish.

With the wrong side of the fabric facing up, pin out each knitted piece onto an ironing board using the measurements given. If specific measurements are not provided for your project, pin out your knitting neatly without overstretching it and unfurl any edges on scarves that may be rolling up.

As each yarn is different, refer to the ball band and press your knitted pieces according to manufacturer's instructions. Most of the yarns I have used in this book can be pressed. However, if your yarn contains acrylic, it may not be suitable for pressing. Always use a cloth in between the knitting and iron to avoid scorching. Then lightly press or steam the knitted fabric. If you steam your knitting, remember to let it dry completely before removing the pins.

Sewing in ends

Once you have pressed your finished pieces, you will need to sew in all the loose ends. Many knitters find this a very tedious task, but it is well worth putting in the effort. Sew in all ends and don't be tempted to use a long yarn end for sewing up. Always use a separate length of yarn for sewing up. If a mistake is made, you can undo the stitching up without the danger of unravelling all your knitting.

Thread a darning needle with the loose end of yarn, weave the needle along about 5 stitches on the wrong side of the fabric and pull the thread through. Weave the needle in the opposite direction for about 5 stitches, pull the thread through and cut off the end of the yarn neatly.

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