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The Fairisle hat pattern on page 64 includes both written instructions and a chart. To write out the whole pattern would be very complicated: it is easier to visualize your knitting as the chart and begin to treat it as a picture, 'painting' with coloured yarns.

Reading the chart is easier if you imagine it as the right side of a piece of knitting, working from the lower edge to the top. Each square on the chart represents 1 stitch; each line of squares represents 1 row of knitting. When working from the chart, read odd-numbered rows 1, 3, 5 etc. (right side of fabric) from right to left, and even-numbered rows 2,4, 6 etc. (wrong side of fabric) from left to right. Each yarn colour used is given a letter in the pattern, which corresponds with a symbol on the chart. This is shown in the key that accompanies the chart.

Add in new colour to row 2 and begin: purl 1 stitch using Yarn B, purl 3 stitches using yarn A, continue to work across row.

Start here. Read row 1 as: knit 1 row using Yarn A.

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