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Pom poms

1 Decide on the size of pom pom required. Cut two circles of card with a diameter slightly bigger than that of the finished pom pom. Cut a smaller hole in the centre of each circle, about half the size of the original diameter. The larger this hole, the fuller the pom pom will be.

2 Holding the two card rings together, wind the yarn around them (using several strands at a time for speed) until the ring is completely covered. As the hole at the centre gets smaller, you may find it easier to use a darning needle to pass the yarn through.

3 Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut through all the wrapped yarn around the outside edge between the two circles. Make sure all the yarn has been cut.

4 Separate the two circles slightly. Join in a length of knitted cord (see opposite) by wrapping the two tails from one end in opposite directions around the centre of the pom pom and secure firmly with a knot. Pull the two circles apart and fluff out the pom pom to cover the centre join. Trim the pom pom if necessary - but don't get carried away!


1 Cut a rectangle of card as wide as the required length of the finished tassel. Wind the yarn around the card until you reach the required thickness.

2 Break the yarn, thread through a sewing needle and pass the needle under all the loops. Do not remove the needle. Tie the end firmly around the loops, remove the card and cut the loops at the opposite end to the knot.

3 Wind the end of the yarn around all the loops below the fold and fasten securely. Pass the needle through the top of the tassel and use the end to sew it into place. Trim the ends of the tassel neatly.


1 Cut lengths of yarn as required, fold the strands in half and draw the folded end through an eyelet (hole) or the centre of a stitch in the hem of the knitting.

2 Draw the loose ends of yarn through the loop, and pull firmly to form a knot.

3 When the fringe is complete, trim the ends.

Knitted cord

1 Using strands of the same colour yarn, cast on 1 stitch. Knit this stitch (K1), turn, K1, turn. This will create a knitted chain (cord) — repeat until you reach the required length of cord.

2 Leave two long tails of yarn at each end of the cord with which to attach pom poms and tassels to your knitting.

Twisted cord

1 Cut three 3 m (10 ft) lengths of yarn and knot the strands together at each end. Attach one end to a hook or door handle and insert a knitting needle through the other end. Twist the needle: the tighter the twisting, the firmer the finished cord will be.

2 Hold the cord in the centre with one hand (you may need some help) and then bring the ends of cord together, allowing the two halves to twist together. Take care to keep the cord straight and avoid tangling. Knot the cut ends together and trim. You can use twisted cord for many things, but attaching it to your gloves or mittens is a sure way of keeping them safe.

Curly cord edging *

1 To make this fun edging at the beginning of a piece of knitting, you need to work a curly cord cast on. Using your chosen colour, work as follows: cast on 20 sts, cast off 20 sts, 1 st on LH needle, *cast on 24 sts, cast off 20 sts (5 sts on LH needle), cont to work from * until the desired number of stitches have been cast on.

2 This can be used at the base of a scarf, hat or mittens. If you are knitting a scarf, then you will need to work a curly cord cast off to finish, using your chosen colour: K1, turn and cast on 20 sts, cast off 24 sts knitwise*, work from * to * until all sts are cast off.

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