Stripy gloves left glove

Work as for Right glove to **. Shape thumb

Work 3 rows in stripe pattern.

Work 3 rows in stripe pattern.

Cont to inc as above on next row and every foil 4th row to 47(53) sts.

Next row: Purl.

Knit thumb

Next row (RS): Using yarn D. K28(32), turn, cast on 1(1) st.

Next row: P12(14), turn, cast on 1(1) st. Change to yarn E and, working on these 13(15) sts only, work 14(18) rows. Next row (dec): K1, [K2tog] to end. 7(8) sts.

Break off yarn, run yarn through rem sts, draw up and fasten off. Join thumb seam.

With RS facing and yarn D, rejoin yarn, pick up and knit 2 sts from base of thumb and K to end. 38(42) sts. Next row: Purl.

Work 8(10) rows in stripe pattern, keeping stripe sequence correct. Now complete as for Right glove from ***, working first finger in yam B, second finger in yarn D, third finger in yarn E and fourth finger in yarn C.

Classic elegance

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