Winter warmer

Out for a walk on a snowy day, your outfit is not complete without a traditional ribbed hat. Add some fabulous pom poms and let the snowballs fly.

Abbreviations dec decreas(e)(ing); K knit; k2tog Knit 2 stitches together; P purl; P2tog purl 2 sts together; RS right side; st(s) stitch(es); WS wrong side

Designer's note

To use up oddments of yarn, this hat would also look really cute knitted in different-coloured stripes. The pom poms could then be worked in a range of sizes and colours.

Working instructions

Pattern is written for small size first with medium size in brackets.

The hats to make

Using 4.5 mm (US 7) knitting needles, cast on 80(92) sts.

Rib row 2: K1, [K2, P4] 12(15) times, K1. These 2 rows set the rib sts. Work these 2 rows until work measures 18(21) cm (7(8$ in) from cast-on, ending with a WS row. Shape crown

Work 3 rows as sts set.

Work 1 row.

Next row (dec): K1, [K1, K2tog( P1] 13(15) times. K1. 41(47) sts. Work 1 row.

Next row (dec): K1, [K2tog, P1] 13(15) times, K1. 28(32) sts. Work 1 row.

Next row (dec): K1, [K2tog] 13(15) times, K1.15(17) sts. Work 1 row.

Break off yarn, run yarn through rem sts, draw up and fasten off. Using knit stitch selvedge as a guide, sew seam using mattress stitch (or back stitch if preferred), reversing seam for bottom 5 cm (2 in) for hat turn-back.

to finish

Make the pom poms as described on page 32. Using the photograph as a guide, decorate the hat with pom poms. For the blue hat, make 7 knitted or crochet cords (see page 33). Attach one end of one cord to a pom pom and the other end of the cord to the top of the hat.

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