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Knitting needles are an investment because you'll use them time and time again. Look alter your needles carefully and they'll last for years, but when the points are damaged or the needles are bent, it's time to throw them out and buy new ones.

A This knitting needle gauge has metric sizes on the one side, American and imperial sizes on the other.

M Pairs of needles are made in a variety of lengths ranging from around loin (25cm) to i6in (40cm). Most knitting needles are aluminum, usually with a pearl-gray finish, though some are nickel plated. Larger-size needles are made of plastic to reduce their weight. Bamboo needles are a flexible alternative.

  • The most useful tape measures have both inches and centimeters on the same side, so that you can compare measurements.
  • Choose scissors that are not too small and not too large but very sharp.
  • You'll need blunt-pointed needles - either tapestry needles or wool needles in different sizes for different weights of yarn.

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