Knit And Purl

Knit-and-purl stitch patterns can be used to create anything from cushions and traditional sweaters to fashion designs in crunchy textures and subtle brocades - the possibilities are endless.

Alternate knit anil purl and you get the simplest texture stitches. Group the knits and purls geometrically to make blocks, diagonals, chevrons, and diamonds, or put them together more freely to create motifs. Patterns can be repeated to make an all-over design, or used in panels with simple stitches between. Add interest to knit and purl patterns by knitting into the back of the loops or slipping stitches.


On the right side of the fabric, the knit stitches appear smooth, while each purl stitch makes a little blip. If you think of the smooth stitches as light and the blips as dark, you'll find it easy to read the charts on the following pages.

A MOSS STITCH With an odd number of stitches, moss stitch is a one-row pattern. On every row simply knit the first stitch, then purl one, knit one to the end of the row. On an even number of stitches, moss stitch is a two-row pattern (see page 46 for chart).

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