Short rows made by turning and leaving stitches unworked can be used to shape knitting

For a steep slant, leave one or two stitches: for a gentler slope, leave more stitches unworked. For a symmetrical shaping, leave stitches unworked at both ends. For a smooth transition between rows, anchor the yarn before turning and working back.

1 Knit the number of stitches needed for the short row, bring the yarn forward, slip the next stitch purlwise, then take the yarn back.

T This swatch shows the use of turning rows to make a sloping edge. The stripes help you to see clearly where the yarn is taken around the slipped stitches. The same technique can be used when turning on a purl row.

2 Return the slipped stitch to the left needle ready to turn and work the next short row.

8 Additional Know-How

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