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Choosing the right decrease for the stitch pattern is vital for shaping garments successfully. The single decreases shown on page 24 reduce the width of the knitting one stitch at a time, but sometimes it's necessary to take more stitches together.

A double decrease takes in the knitting more rapidly. In knit one, purl one rib, it can be placed so that the pattern is nor interrupted on the next row. And in many stitch patterns, double decreases are used with double increases to create beautiful lacy effects.

All these methods of decreasing can be adapted to make multiple decreases by taking more stitches together. As with all decreases, it's very important to be aware of the position of the stitch that lies on top. Always pair a left-slanting and a right-slanting decrease when shaping a garment or working a stitch pattern. The dominant center stitch of the balanced double decrease makes a design feature of shaped darts and gives a clean line to lace patterns.

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