The ACIMIT Foundation wishes to thank the heads and teachers of the following schools without whose willing and energetic collaboration this book could not have been produced:

  • ITIS Buzzi - Prato • ITIS Leonardo da Vinci - Naples
  • ITIS Carcano - Como • ITIS Marzotto - Valdagno (Vicenza)
  • ITIS Casale - Turin • ITIS Paleocapa - Bergamo
  • ITIS Facchinetti - Busto Arsrno (Varese) • ITIS Sella - Biella
  • ITIS Leonardo da Vinci - Carpi (Modena) • ITIS Varese - Varese
  • ITIS Fermi - Treviso

The knitwear handbook was written by the following teachers:

A graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Naples Polytechnic, Carmine Mazza is now a teacher of clothing textile technology and production organisation at the technical college I.T.I.S. Facchinetti, Busto Arsizio.

An expert in textiles, Paola Zonda graduated in Biology from the University of Modena; she is textiles coordinator of the technical college (I.T.I.S.) of Carpi and a lecturer in textile design at the University of Bologna.

The ACIMIT Foundation wishes to thank both for the time and enthusiasm invested in the project.

Pictures 3, 4, 5, 107, 108, 115 and 116 are taken from Prof. Francesco Viola's book, Tecnologia delle macchine circolari per calze, Gesto Editore.

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