Classification by Number of Needlebeds

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Another classification parameter for circular knitting machines is the number of needle-beds, which determines the type of stitch that can be carried out:

1. Single-bed circular knitting machines

(for jersey and derived stitches: fleece, terry, piquet, floating Jacquard)

  1. Double-bed circular knitting machines a. Dial-cylinder knitting machines with 90° needle-beds (for rib knit and similar: cardigan stitches, Milanese rib, bourrelet, Rodier, cable, eyelet and Jacquard stitches, as well as all interlock and intelock-derived stitches, e.g. the pin tuck stitch).
  2. Double-cylinder knitting machines with 180° needle-bed (for stitches based on the linkslinks construction)

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