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The most important classification parameter for circular knitting machines is their diameter. According to the machine diameter, we can divide the machines into three main categories:

  1. Large-diameter circular knitting machines (from 24 to 40 inches)
  2. Medium-diameter circular knitting machines (from 8 to 22 inches)
  3. Small-diameter circular knitting machines (from 3 to 6 inches)

Large-diameter machines are mostly designed for manufacturing tubular fabrics while a more restricted number of large-diameter machines are used to manufacture fabrics similar to those manufactured with flat knitting machines.

Medium-diameter machines are designed for the production body-size tubular fabrics, as well as fabrics with welt and separation thread, ideal for the underwear market.

Small-diameter machines are designed for manufacturing hosiery. The architecture of these machines differs from standard circular knitting machines above all from a technical point of view but also for considerable differences in the type of available accessories.

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