Electronic Jacquard Selection System

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The precise definition of this needle selection system for circular knitting machines is "electromechanical selection with electronic control", based on the use of piezoelectric actuators that act on the selectors, or of a magnet which commands a striker placed under the needle.

Selection Magnet Knitting
Picture 95 - A 16 (8+8) level piezoelectric actuator

If the selection is carried out with a single magnet, when the magnet is excited the striker assumes a vertical position thanks to the action of a control spring, then reaches the rising cam and forces the needle in the working position. When the magnet is not excited, the spring withdraws the striker into the groove in the non-knitting position together with the corresponding needle.

Cam Set Knitting

The "needle-by-needle" selection allows the knitting of design patterns of almost unlimited size since each needle can be independently set in the knit, tuck or miss position. The electronic selection is now widely used for the needles of the cylinder, while on several double-bed knitting machines, the selection of dial needles is still carried out mechanically with cams and tracks. However, many machine manufacturers also offer electronic dial and cylinder needle selection systems.

Picture 96 - Electromechanical selection with single magnet

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