Flat Singlebed Warp Knitting Machines and Singlebed Raschel Machines with Compound Needles

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Pictures 133 and 134 show the stitch formation cycle on single-bed machines equipped with compound needles.

These machines feature the following working components: the needles - the compound needle sliders - the sinkers - the guide bars

Flat Knitting MaschinesRaschel MagicCompound NeedlesWarp Knitting Sinkers
Picture 133 - Stitch formation cycle on a flat single-bed warp knitting machine equipped with compound needles

The different shape of sinkers, which pull the fabric in different directions, is a distinguishing feature for these two types of warp knitting machine.

The motion of the compound needle slider with respect to the needle limits the maximum raising height of the needle itself, and therefore allows a consistent increase in throughput speeds. Furthermore, compound needles reduce the thread tension and therefore the stitch is more balanced and uniform.

Flat Knitting Machinery
Picture 134 - Stitch formation cycle on a single-bed Raschel machine equipped with compound needles

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