I am pleased to present the second in a series of four textile machinery technology handbooks that the ACIMIT Foundation is producing for use in Italy's institutes of textile technology.

This particular book looks at machinery, accessories, auxiliary equipment and technologies relating to knitwear, a segment in which Italy boasts companies of international prominence and advanced "know-how".

This knitwear handbook follows the one on weaving, published in October 2000. A thousand copies of the weaving handbook have already been distributed and it has been translated into English for distribution overseas.

The third handbook in the series, on textile finishing, is due to be published in Italian by the end of 2001, while the one on spinning will be ready in spring 2002.

The need to produce these books emerged in the course of a series of meetings that ACIMIT, in the context of various initiatives designed to promote relations between the industry and schools, had with heads and teachers.

We were told that the textbooks currently in use do not reflect the continued and rapid technological evolution the sector has seen in recent years.

With the precise aim of producing handbooks that respond, as far as possible, to students' learning needs, the ACIMIT Foundation decided, in agreement with the heads, to entrust a group of teachers from the schools themselves with the task of realising the series of books. The teachers involved accepted this challenge enthusiastically.

Thanks therefore go, on behalf of Italy's textile machinery manufacturers, to the heads and teachers whose schools are source of valuable human resources, essential for the development of their industrial concerns.

Since no job is ever done to perfection the first time round, we will be grateful to anyone (students, teachers, company technicians, etc.) who sends us suggestions and corrections that might enable us to improve this publication and increase the value of the whole enterprise.

October 2001

Alberto M. Sacchi, President of the ACIMIT Foundation

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