Highbutt Needles and Lowbutt Needles

The latch needle can have two different butt heights which make it a high-butt needle or a low-butt needle (picture 27).

High-butt needle

Butt Needles

Picture 27

Low-butt needle

Picture 27

The assembly of high-butt needles and low-butt needles on the knitting machine allows different selection and different manufacturing work ways, according to the positions of the tucking and looping cams (picture 28).

Knit stitch Knit stitch

Knit stitch Miss stitch n n

Tuck stitch Tuck stitch

_ Tuck stitch Miss stitch
Miss stitch Miss stitch

Knit stitch Tuck stitch

Open cam

Half-way cam

Closed cam

Picture 28 - The different positions of the raising cam

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