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Since single-bed circular knitting machines are equipped with a single series of needles, they are suitable for jersey manufacturing and, with the necessary mechanical modifications, also for manufacturing jersey-derived fabrics such as terry and fleece. Some machine models are equipped with 4 to 6 colour stripe pattern motions for striped jersey.

On these machines, the selection function can be the track type; some machines can incorporate up to 5 selection tracks, also in electronic version.

The range of diameters is really wide and the maximum size available is normally 30 inches. Some manufacturers even offer versions with a needle-bed diameter of 60 inches (the so-called Jumbo machines) which deliver a fabric wide enough to be cut on the two sides, as a result eliminating the problem of the central fold always present on fabrics with a single lateral cut. On fabrics manufactured with elastane yarn, this fold generates a permanent fault. The range of gauges offered is also extremely vast, from the coarse E 4 to the fine E 32 gauge. The number of feed systems can reach 3 - 4 feed systems per inch, according to the diameter and to the gauge of the machine. The number of feed systems is lower on machines equipped with stripe pattern motions. The machine speed is approximately 25 to 30 rpm, but recently some machine manufacturers have developed high-speed jersey machines which can even reach 50 rpm.

Almost all the machines of new construction are equipped with special devices that allow the use of elastane yarns. Recently, some manufacturers have also introduced machines complete with a conversion kit for the knitting head to rapidly transform the jersey machine into a fleece or terry knitting machine.

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