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Medium-diameter Cloth-manufacturing Machines

From a technical point of view, all the machines with a diameter ranging from 8 to 24 inches must be considered medium-diameter knitting machines.

Many manufacturers of circular knitting machines offer single and double-bed machines, special versions whose diameter allows them to be classified as medium-diameter circular knitting machines. Obviously, from many points of view, these machines are quite identical (engineering solutions, operating mode, types of product) with large-diameter models.

Picture 117 - A medium-diameter circular knitting machine

Bodysize machines represent a particular and fundamental category of medium-diameter machines, as they can manufacture full-fashioned and separated tubular cloths with simple, double or elastic welt or continuous fabrics with diameter specifically set according to the desired size, for the production of seamless knit fabric, mostly for underwear, bathing suits and medicalwear.

To be more precise, the most common technical features of the latest single-bed machines are: 10 to 24-inch diameter, gauge ranging from E 7 to 32, 8 feed systems, stripe pattern motions with 7 thread guides, adjustment of the stitch formation by means of stepper motors operating separately on each feed system, possibility of 2-way working technique on 8 feed systems and 3-way working technique on 4 feed systems, 8 selection actuators with 16 operating levels. Furthermore, all these machines are equipped with positive yarn feeders for standard and elastane yarns (for elastic welt manufacturing). The machines for the manufacturing of separated cloths incorporate suction systems for thread-to-thread separation while machines that manufacture seamless knitted goods incorporate electronically-programmable take-down and winding systems and also an electronic control system.

Double-bed bodysize machines generally feature a diameter of 14 to 22 inches, E 12 to 15 gauge, a number of feed systems varying according to the diameter (but always resulting from the combination of the feed systems to knit or to transfer the stitch - e.g. 8+4T, 12+6T), 4-colour stripe pattern motions, electronic selection by means of individual magnets that in some models can be only attached to the cylinder, and in others to both the dial and the cylinder, the possibility of racking the needles of the dial with the needles of the cylinder, positive yarn feeders and electronic take-down motion.

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