Singlecylinder Machines with Needles in the Dial Rib Stitch

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The design of single-cylinder machines with needles in the dial partly reflects the design of single-cylinder machines: in these machines the hooks in the dial have been replaced with needles to obtain a structure of the knitting head similar to the one of the dial-cylinder machines which produce rib knit patterns.

From a technical point of view, the main limit of these machines is represented by the restricted possibility of selecting the needles in the dial as a result of the smaller diameter of the dial, allowing the use of needles with a single butt level with different heights and then the possibility of making only a few rib stitch patterns (1x1, 1x3, 1x5).

Picture 120 -Knitting head with single cylinder and needles in the dial

The basic features of these machines are 3 to 5-inch diameter, 2 to 4 feed systems, average E 6 to 16 gauge with minimum E 3.5 and maximum E 22, electronic needle-by-needle selection by means of 16-level actuators, possibility - on a lot of machine versions - of knitting plain terry, plating and Jacquard designs, of knitting heel and toe with reciprocating motion virtually on all the most recent machine models, 300 rpm maximum speed with simple patterns and 200 rpm with more elaborated patterns.

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