Smalldiameter Circular Knitting Machines

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All the machines with a diameter ranging from 3 to 5 inches and which are mainly used for hosiery production are classified as small-diameter circular knitting machines. There are many types of machines in the hosiery field, but basically they can be subdivided into two main categories in relation to the goods they manufacture:

1. Machines for fine stocking and tights

- single-cylinder machines

2. Machines for men's socks

  • single-cylinder machines
  • single-cylinder machines with needles in the dial (rib machines)
  • double-cylinder machines

Picture 118 - Overall view of a hosiery machine The fundamental construction elements of a hosiery knitting machine are usually:

  • a spool rack and the ground and elastane yarn feeding system, generally equipped with a separate control system
  • knitting head including the needle-bed and the motions that command the elements operating during the stitch formation
  • pneumatic system to recall the hosiery models
  • machine base with drive, control and command systems. On modern machines, the mechanically control system with cam drum and chain has been superseded by electronic control systems with actuators.

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