A further increase in pattern complicacy can require the placing of sinker or slider butts at different levels.

A series of cams can carry out the slider selection, which will bring the corresponding needles into contact with the main cams.

Depending on the position of the main cams, it is possible to select knit stitch, tuck stitch and miss stitch work ways, separately on each needle.

The three technical ways typical on mini-Jacquard machines are also used on full-size Jacquard machines.

Combined electronic and electromechanical systems now allows a thicker pattern design with colours or operated stitches to be created on Jacquard fabrics.

The selection of sliders can be also carried out according to the drowning principle, by means of levers operating in two different moments to bring the needle on a tucking or a looping position.

The principle of slider selection can also be applied to the transfer of stitches.

Picture 48

Raising and lowering cams for needles and sliders

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