Attaching a sleeve to a sweater body

How you attach the sleeves to your sweater body depends on the design of your sleeve cap and armhole. If you're making a dropped-shoulder sweater or one with an angled armhole and straight cap, you can use the head-to-side grafting technique explained in the "Grafting head to side" section earlier in this chapter. If you're making a sweater with a set-in sleeve, you need to use the backstitch for seaming; see the earlier section, "Sewing seams with backstitch," for instructions.

To attach a set-in sleeve to a sweater body, follow these steps:

1. Mark the center of the sleeve cap at the top edge and align it with the shoulder seam on the sweater body, as shown in Figure 16-20.

Attaching Sleeve
  1. With the right sides together, pin the center top of the sleeve cap to the shoulder seam.
  2. Working on only one side at a time, line up the bound-off stitches at the beginning of the armhole, shaping both the sleeve and sweater body, and pin the pieces together there.
  3. Pin the sleeve cap edge to the armhole every inch or so between the bound-off stitches and the shoulder, as shown in Figure 16-21.

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