Basic Stitches Youll Use Again and Again

In This Chapter

^ Practicing common stitch patterns ^ Using popular rib stitches to add interest and stretch

MMJ hen you know how to knit and purl (refer to Chapter 4), you can combine these stitches in a seemingly endless variety of textured stitch patterns. The stitch patterns in this chapter make a good starting repertoire. (You can find more stitch patterns in Appendix A.)

√ęThe best way to understand how knit-and-purl patterns work is to knit them up yourself. Using a medium-weight, solid-color yarn, cast on a multiple of the stitches required for the pattern (but no less than 24) and knit up about 4 inches in the pattern. You can save your swatches in a knitting notebook for later reference, or you can sew them together to create a patchwork scarf or afghan. (In the color insert, you can see a scarf made by sewing together the swatches shown throughout this book.)

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