Braided Novelty Yarn Scarf

Do you have lots of leftover novelty yarn from various projects? Need a quickie scarf? If so, this project is for you.


I Yarn: Novelty yarn (at least 3 to 5 different kinds looks best); smooth yarn (we like Cascade 220), neutral color (white, black, gray, or beige), 1 skein i Other materials: Masking tape; scissors; table or ironing board (or any surface approximately 5-6 feet long)


  1. With a small piece of masking tape, tape the beginning of one strand of yarn to the table.
  2. Wrap the yarn around the table several times or until it runs out.

Young kids enjoy this step much more than adults do, so if you have any little ones available, get them to help!

  1. Before cutting the strand, secure it with another piece of masking tape near the beginning.
  2. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 with all your yarn, including the neutral color.
  3. Tie two pieces of yarn in a tight bow around the wrapped yarn at either end of the table. Do this for each type of yarn.
  4. Remove the yarn from the table and trim both ends using scissors until all lengths of yarn are even.
  5. Gather all the strands together, and make a loose knot at one end.
  6. Divide the bunch into three parts, and braid — very loosely — until you reach the end.
  7. Tie another loose knot at the end of the braid, and trim the yarn ends if desired.

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