Cable Musings and Interesting Twists

In This Chapter

^ Demystifying cables ^ Creating common cable patterns ^ Twisting up mini cables ^ Putting your cable knowledge into practice ables, like knit and purl patterns, offer endless design possibilities. If ^^ you're familiar with the creamy cabled sweaters of the Aran Isles, which feature intertwining cable motifs in vertical panels arranged symmetrically across a sweater front, then you're already aware of the wealth of traditional cable designs.

The simple technique of cabling — crossing one group of stitches over another by knitting them out of order — lends itself to many interpretations. After you master the basic technique (and it's very easy to do), you can make all kinds of interesting and imaginative cable patterns. All it takes is a little patience and practice.

And that's just the beginning. This chapter presents cable basics that beginners can follow as well as some more intricate cables for when you want to stretch your cabling skills.

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