Charting intarsia

Charts for intarsia patterns generally don't show patterns in repeats. The entire design, whether it's a single rose or a city skyline, is charted. A large intarsia pattern may take a page or more to display.

Follow an intarsia chart just like any other (see Chapter 3). Start at the bottom right corner and work to the left on the first row, changing yarns as the pattern indicates. Work the next (WS) row from left to right. Use a magnetic board and strip (see Chapter 2 for information about these tools) to help you keep your place. Or grab a willing friend to sit with you and read the chart aloud — "3 red, 12 blue, 7 green . . ." — as you knit.

^ If you want to create your own design on graph paper, remember that knitted stitches aren't square. If you use square graph paper, your knitted picture ■ f(|l| will be a somewhat squashed version of your drawing. You can buy special knitter's graph paper with 1-inch segments of 5 x 7 squares to mimic knitted fabric (see Chapter 2). Or if you're comfortable using a computer, you can get software that prints out graph paper in any combination of rows and stitches you'd like.

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