Cast on your gauge per inch times 14 (the pillow form's width), plus 4 extra stitches to allow for easy seaming on either side. So, if your yarn is 4 stitches to the inch and you're making a 14-inch wide pillow, cast on 60 stitches ([4 x 14] + 4).

Knit until the piece measures two times your pillow's height, plus 4 inches. Bind off and block.

Finishing: Fold the bottom of the piece up until you have a 14-x-14-inch square, and seam the sides. Create your loop closures. As in the Everyday Bag pattern, you can knit a wide variety of loop closures. Fold the 4-inch flap over the top and stitch your chosen buttons into place evenly below the bottom edge of the flap. Knit loop closures long enough to reach around each button, and sew them into place. Insert your pillow form, and you're done!

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